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Fashionable Actors to Mimic

Lately society has become more enthralled with actors and celebrities than at any point in history. Due to the rise in popularity of reality TV, just about anyone can be a minor celebrity these days and it seems like many people will do just about anything to be on TV. Unfortunately this has lead to a wide variety of bad behavior in the hopes of getting noticed or to create more dramatic TV. This should not be what society strives for, thankfully for there are number of actors that are down to earth and practice behaviors that should be emulated. When looking for a role model, search out a celebrity that embraces the following traits:

Celebrity Fashion

Generosity – There are many celebrities that are generous both with their time and money and this is a trait that you should emulate in your everyday life. Take time out of your schedule to help others. You can do this in a number of different ways.

Volunteering at your favorite charitable organization or just taking time to help your elderly neighbor get to the grocery store can be very fulfilling for both you and those you help. While you may not have the free time that a celebrity does, giving a few hours a week can be a real help. Brad Pitt and George Clooney are great examples of generous celebrities that you should consider mimicking.

Humility – This trait seems to have fallen by the wayside. The louder and brasher you can be the more airtime and attention that web design companies pay to you. True celebrities are modest about both their talents and accomplishments. You should be modest in all of your interactions with others. Down play your accomplishments and take a real interest in the person that you are talking to and what they have to say. Really listening to a person is a skill and one that you should practice whenever possible. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are excellent examples of celebrities that downplay their accomplishments.

Kindness – This is another trait that does not seem to be in vogue these days. Being kind to everyone you meet is a trait that we should all emulate. This can be difficult especially if you are dealing with someone that doesn’t seem to know the meaning of manners. Treating everyone with kindness will not only make you feel better it will often turn a bad mood into a good one. Overwhelming everyone you deal with

daily with kindness will put a smile on everyone’s face. Adam Sandler is reported to be an extremely kind-hearted actor.

Integrity – In a world where it seems like everyone is willing to just about anything to make a dollar or commit what amounts to fraud to get on TV this trait seems to be scarce. Conducting your business honestly and always honoring your word is a trait that you should acquire and look for in others. Johnny Depp is filled to the brim with integrity and if you are looking for a celebrity to emulate you could do a lot worse.

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